Album: ‘We’re Still Disappointed,’ Vic Spencer & Sulaiman


About three years ago, Chicago rap artists Vic Spencer and Sulaiman teamed up to gift our ears with We’re Just Disappointed. Well, they’re still disappointed. The rappin’ ass duo released We’re Still Disappointed a few days ago, much to the delight of their fans. This album features production from Ikaz, Black Spade, Thelonious Martin and others. Also, there are no features. All you’ll get on this album is Vic and Sul, Sul and Vic. If you’re familiar with the theme of We’re Just Disappointed, then this project won’t catch you off guard. Head to their Bandcamp page, name your price, and download We’re Still Disappointed.

Download: We’re Still Disappointed (Album), Vic Spencer & Sulaiman

AUDIO: “Savior”, Vic Spencer ft. Sulaiman and D2G (Prod. by Ikaz)

EEE. After a bit of a hiatus, I have decided to resume this thang here called blogging about randomness. While I wasn’t quite ready to make the foray back into this arena just yet, an email from Chicago MC Vic Spencer spurned this post. “Savior” is the third track leaked from Spencer and French producer Ikaz’s project, Spence Ethic. Fellow Chicago MCs Sulaiman and D2G, who have collaborated with Spencer on the Disappointed series and Hard Bars, respectively, appear on this track with Spencer and lend their verses to a dope track. Anyone familiar with the three artists knows that a blunt delivery are their forte, and each of them address a superior work ethic and also some of the bogus dealings in regards to the Chicago hip-hop scene. Ikaz provides the eery production for this one, and we are just a bit closer to the latest Spencer gift. You’re welcome.

Download: “Savior”, Vic Spencer ft. Sulaiman & D2G (Prod. by Ikaz)

AUDIO: “Music Museum”, Vic Spencer ft. Sulaiman & Yung Word Mann

Vic Spencer is back on LBDS, bitches! And this time, he appears on our page with partner-in-rhyme Sulaiman, and fellow artist Yung Word Mann, who I am admittedly not familiar with. Mann starts the festivities off with his (surprisingly) ill verse, and Sulaiman and Mr. Spencer finish the beat off with their bars. I’m a huge fan of We’re Just Disappointed, Spencer and Sulaiman’s dual effort, and it was great to hear them on this track together. I’ve read that listeners should expect more from these artists in the future, and I can’t wait to give it a listen.

Download: “Music Museum”, Vic Spencer ft. Sulaiman & Yung Word Mann