VIDEO: “ShayDilla”, brandUn DeShay

Admittedly, I’ve been abusing the hell out of rapper/producer brandUn DeShay’s latest release, Your Favorite Mixtape: 2 of late. I explained the concept of the tape in an earlier post, so if you’re reading this and find yourself curious, scroll through my previous entries. “ShayDilla” features DeShay spitting over Pharcyde’s “She Said”, produced by the late, great hip-hop producer, J Dilla. Aris P’s verse and appearance is missing from these visuals, but no matter: This. Is. FRESH.

Mixtape Download: “Your Favorite Mixtape 2”, brandUn DeShay


Chicago rapper/producer brandUn DeShay gifts us with the sequel to Your Favorite Mixtape, Your Favorite Mixtape 2. Following the theme of the first tape, YFM2 features DeShay and other artists rapping over a few of DeShay’s favorite beats. Fans got to see the creative process behind this tape, as DeShay recently live streamed the making of YFM2 on Ustream. Guests artist include Calez, Alex Wiley, GLC, Rich Nice, HiClass and Aris P! Pardon me, I have a date with my headphones, this tape and Marie Josephine…

Download: “Your Favorite Mixtape 2”, brandUn DeShay