You need: ‘Sixth Street EP,’ Yuna


I would like to begin this post by declaring that I love Yuna. No, not in a romantic way, but everything she does artistically, I absolutely love. I’ve been a fan of the Malaysian singer/songwriter/guitarist/ukeleleist (?)  for well over a year now, and I am continuously amazed by nearly everything she releases. Yuna’s Sixth Street EP is no different. Released just this Tuesday, this 5-track piece of art is available on iTunes for only $4.99. I have a thing for abusing certain songs, and “Right Again” has certainly incurred my wrath. Yuna should no longer be slept on in the United States, and her Sixth Street EP is just another great reason why.

VIDEO: “Live Your Life”, Yuna

Yunalis Zarai, or “Yuna”, is a 25 year-old Malaysian singer-songwriter who I was introduced to just days ago. I’ve scoured the webs for her music and videos, and have come away very impressed. Yuna describes her music as a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay, which is certainly odd, to say the very least. “Life Your Life” is a well-written song, and I’d love to see Yuna perform it live. It’s always great when the visuals and artist are equally gorgeous, no?