Killer Mike’s ‘Sunday Morning Massacres,’ to the rescue


Unafraid to sound like the suddenly and preposterously infamous “hipster,” Killer Mike has miraculously become seemingly everyone’s favorite rapper, at least of late. Although I remember him very well from his guest appearance on OutKast’s “Snappin’ & Trappin’,” of the 2000 Backstage soundtrack (a must-own), “Mike Bigga” never quite gained mainstream traction over the years, despite a very good debut album in Monster (2003) and a slew of mixtapes that went above and beyond a convenient formula.

In 2013, Killer Mike and Brooklynite rapper/producer El-P decided to form the duo, Run The Jewels, and released a self-titled debut album in June of the same year. The project won rave reviews from everyone with at least one functioning ear and thankfully, it essentially forced new fans of Killer Mike (and El-P, to some extent, who is and has always been excellent in his own right) to “go back to the lab,” as I like to call it. This October 28, Run The Jewels dropped, adding to both artists’ legacies and providing rap and hip-hop fans with something that’s more than decent to listen to for a change.

This past Sunday, Killer Mike and DJ Greg Street (Go buy this album right now) partnered up to gift our ears with Sunday Morning Massacres, a compilation of unreleased tracks from Killer Mike, back in 2008. I could definitely do without 8 damn skits, but new dope from Killer Mike is still going to be new dope from Killer Mike, and this is well worth the download. Enjoy:

Sunday Morning Massacres (Mixtape), Killer Mike & DJ Greg Street

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