i didn’t make you live this damn long

this morning, I encountered one of those old people on the bus… you know, the ones who feel as though they’re entitled to everyfuckingthing (typically in terms of respect) from young people just because they have lived on the earth as long as moses. well. I’ve come to say one thing to them, fuck you.

I am well aware that I am being disrespectful, but I am doing it for a reason. I do NOT see the need to respect someone who is rude to me. I am not going to treat a 5-y/o with respect if they don’t show it to me, so why would I show it to someone older just because they are older?

when someone shows respect for me, I will do the same for them.

I didn’t give them a hard ass life, I didn’t make them stay on the earth since dinosaurs were born. you have a problem with how long you’ve lived, or how hard life has been, don’t take that shit out on me, as one of the people I follow (@amberalert123) likes to say, #takeitupwithchrist.

old people have done that shit for far too long. how many of us have visited an old aunt/cousin/family friend who has felt the need to ask/tell us, “you’re getting fat,” or “why are you dressed like a floozy,” or, “when are you going to get married,” whatever the fuck other intrusive ass, unnecessary ass potentially offensive shit? well I don’t see the need to just accept it and laugh it off. if the shit is rude, I will let an old motherfucker know. and that goes for any person.

now, this is not to say that I don’t recognize that some old people are sweet, loving, and cute. those get my respect, not only for their age, but because they are nice.

get your grandmothers, people, cuz I’m not gonna kiss the ass of some old person because they demand I do so. rude bastards.

rev run’s wis-dumb (nah, i didn’t make that one up).

i don’t care for the right reverend run, and, frankly, i think that the last scene of every show (you know, the one with him sharing his lame ass musings via blackberry in the tub) was gay as shit. maybe even gayer than bishop eddie long in underarmour (see how corny those jokes are??).

but, in spite of his homosexuality (or lack thereof) , i HATE to see people retweeting (sharing his tweets) his simple ass “wisdoms”. he tweets the most basic things, and people retweet him religiously as though the rev’s words have the direct path to both happiness and Godliness.

Ppl who struggle & are sad everyday but finally reach their goal are not happier than those who don’t reach their goal but ENJOY the ride – an excerpt from @revrunwisdom

oh… so reaching your goals doesn’t matter anymore… of fucking course it doesn’t to a fat, middle-aged man who’s rich as fuck with a family who’ve had a tv show including spin-offs. for the rest of us, i’m sure it’s reaching our goals that matter more so than having fun but never getting there.

another one of these “inspirational” tweeters whom i have  a huge issue with, is tyrese, yes, the fucking singer, tyrese. tyrese takes the “inspirational tweeting” to a whole new level with his idiocy. he’s spelled kryptonite as crytynite, and people are still trying to figure out (months later) what he meant when he typed that people are supposed to be “profietable” (probable? profitable? proficient?).

But some of you are so desperate .. Scared to be alone.. Scared to STAR OVER.. You will never get rid of what’s NOT supposed to BE THERE!! – @tyrese

never be afraid to star over, you guys. it’s necessary (this is a lighter example… reading tyrese’s timeline makes me feel a bit mentally challenged).

the inspirational shit is cheesy, and they’re followed and  rt’d (retweeted) by a bunch of people who walk around embracing the notion that they need some lame ass phrases from “famous” people to keep going.

you need some good advice, talk to a friend.

people wonder why they feel so lonely, they don’t look into themselves for positivity, they look for shitty ass blurbs from rich people who don’t even care about their existence.

rev run, tyrese, and the rest spew the bullshit, not because they care about the readers, but because the readers listen to the bullshit–and it gets them noticed, which, in turn, makes them more money. it’s almost sad how these people feel they need some lame ass b-list celebrity to tell them some basic ass shit to survive.