Merry Christmas!

I’ve had a pretty good Christmas. I’ve stuffed my face, smoked plenty of loud, and received some dope ass gifts. Thanks to #myfavoritenerd, I was able to buy some ILL Bo Jacksons. A card here and there, a sweater sandwiched in between some flannels, and some fly denim to boot along with a few phone calls from friends. Today I was reminded of my favorite Christmas was in 1992, when my mom bought me a Super Nintendo. That was my favorite because the SNES was God to children back then, and I was one of the first in my class to own one. I’m kind of in a gray stage with Christmas now. I’m 24, so I don’t have the same youthful exuberance that I did when I was younger during the holiday season. I’m not married and don’t have any children, so I don’t get the same joy out of giving to others as parents, grandparents, et cetera. I actually get more excited because I know the end of the year is near. I’m not really the type to go out and do it real big for New Year’s, but I enjoy the idea of starting a new chapter, even if I finish it as fast I finished this one(2009).

 This is the fifth Christmas that Karen has missed, and I’m sure that her corny ass would’ve been up mad early, watching some lame parade, talking on the phone to her best friend, Charity. I still think it’s awesome that when my little brother and I were young, she told us that she’s Santa, and not some overweight white guy with a beard that lives at the North Pole. She was grooming us for the “real world”…when I was 7 and he was 4. Thanks, Karen.

My lungs can take a few more L’s, so…  P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to everyone that’s enjoying Christmas and preparing for the New Year

Half a dollar…

Today, at 7:44AM, my mom, Karen Louise Brown, would have turned 50. Ten years ago today, on her 40th birthday, she told me her new attitude would be “I don’t give a damn”. I can only imagine what her outlook would be today… P.S. Happy Birthday, Karen!!!